Spazio Moderno based in London’s Notting Hill, consists of a small team of architects and designers with the energy to be inventive and original.
I have always believed that architecture is more important than decoration, not out of any dogmatic or ideological attitude, but because the right mixture of space, proportion, scale and light gives everlasting satisfaction that cannot be achieved by only icing the cake. I also believe that life’s little pleasures sometimes need to find a sensual expression in the spaces we live in.
Modern interiors with presence yet suffused with subtlety and delicacy. In other words: ”Less is more” ( Mies Van der Rohe) but also “Le superfu, chose très necessaire.” (Voltaire) Two sayings at odds with each other? I don’t think so. Both true. Comfort does not depend on an over-abundance of materials and details, but on the qualities of space and the sense of serenity. FERRY PEZZI-ZAYADI
Modernity without austerity
Simple sculptural elegance: Stairs by Borromini in Palazzo Barberini in Rome